Castile Soap Experiement Successful!

For some reason I just didn’t think that a soap made without coconut oil would set up very well.

I was wrong, as usual.  I heated the oils a little hotter than normal because it was so cold in the kitchen.  I added Patchouli and Eucalyptus essential oils to the olive and castor in the soap pot.  Then I added my milk and lye solution and hand stirred for a few minutes to make sure the lye was all the way melted.  Once I put that stick blender in those oils….wow!  They turned to soap almost instantly!

I made sure everything was blended well, then went back to hand stirring to break up any lumps that look like they wanted to form.  Then I poured the soap into a PVC mold because I was using the last of my lye and this batch was sized differently than my regular batches, so in order to not end up with odd sized bars, a PVC mold will always be appropriate!

I tried to coax the soap out of the mold without first putting it into the freezer, but it wouldn’t budge.  So here it is, just it’s little top, way down inside the PVC pipe mold.

"cold process soap"

Believe me, when it comes out and gets cut, it won’t be nearly so ugly!

Aint nuthin uglier than a PVC pipe full of soap!

Here’s some prettier soap, all wrapped up for New Hope On 4 Hoofs

cold process soap

Or, here are a couple of my regular sized bars…these are from the tea tree batch I did early this week.  I used the food dehydrator to accelerate the cure, and they are hard already!  They’ll be wrapped and on the market table on Saturday!

cold process tea tree soap

Ooops, it’s milking and feeding time and my guineas are on the roof screaming at me to hurry up!  Have a great Sat. evening!

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