Shampooing Hair With Castile Soap?

I’ve been unhappy with commercial shampoos for years.  They have always dried my hair out, never conditioned like the bottle said, no matter how expensive the shampoo and most smell just awful…to me anyway.

So, being the resourceful weirdo that I am, I’ve been thinking and thinking and doing research.  I’ve even done some reading over at the Long Hair Forum and found that I’m not the only one with a commercial shampoo aversion!

Some people claim to wash with just water, others wash with just conditioner, others don’t wash at all!  I’m a confirmed middle-woman, and I decided the method I’d like to try would be the “wash only the roots, and condition the rest” method.

I’ve tried my goats milk soap many times, and lots of my customers use it, but it was too “soapy” for my hair, which is long and always in a tangle of some sort.  Recently I’ve made Castile soap out of just olive and castor oil and so decided to try my “middle woman” method using the castile soap.

I think it worked!  It is not nearly as dry and creepy feeling. The castile soap was strongly (perhaps too strongly) scented with patchouli and eucalyptus.  The essential oils add a nice, natural fragrance, as well as some bacteria control.

Anyway, I was so just excited I thought I’d tell the world!  I’m still working on my bottled shampoo though…have not given up on that just yet.  Or at least a conditioner.  I’m sure I can make something better than commercial.

Other Soapy News!

Yesterday I did two more castile soaps.  That was my only choice since my coconut oil hasn’t came in yet and every other soap I do uses coconut oil.  I did get 50 pounds of lye delivered, thankfully.  That’s enough to make about 1080 6oz bars of soap, which is about the amount of soap I think I’ll need for Christmas sales! 

The castile bars were done in round molds.  One was scented with blood orange and litsea, the other is a pot-swirl of green and red, and scented with candy apple and lemon curd.  I also added little stars to the batch.  This was a test batch, done in a 2 inch PVC pipe mold. These little bars are going to be one of the choices folks will have when special-ordering bars for wedding favors, parties, etc.  They will also make great travel-sized and hotel-sized bars.  I have no idea how to package them yet.  Got any ideas for me?


"Castile soap for hair"
Isnt' the little soap just too cute?
Saying "Hi" to you this morning! Yep, still wearing my pajamas!



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  1. A friend gave me a bar of your Honey Bee soap as an early holiday gift this year. I’ve been enjoying it immensely. I’m excited to see you are doing Castile soap as well! I use a low/no shampoo hair cleansing method for my curly hair, and I’ve been looking for a bar Castile soap. Who knew all I had to do was look locally!


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