Is It Hot or What?

Two mornings ago I woke up to frost on the ground that seemed to scare away market shoppers, and left all of us vendors shivering until closing time at noon.

Today we woke up early, at around 5:30, sweating.  The bedroom thermometer  registered 80 degrees.  The one in the living room is pointing at 90+.

Okay, we’ve finally figured out how to work this soapstone stove.  CG had fell several trees out in our woodlot during the summer, and just recently cut and split them.  This wood turns to red-hot coals in no time at all and we have to have two fans running in the living room to get rid of all the excess heat.

We had wood delivered to us last year.  “DRY, cut, split and stacked hardwood.”

It was hard alright.  Hard to burn.  We didn’t know it, but it was wet.  The wood we have this year is definitely dry, and it BURNS!   So, I can take back all those means things I was thinking about the manufacturer of our stove and how they ripped us off. We had just about given up on staying warm this winter.

Anyway, after waking up sweating this morning, and then adding more wood to the fire, I went outside to help CG load up the truck.  It was WARM outside. Very warm.  Which isn’t a bad thing, but we just got this stove figured out and now we have to abandon our efforts due to hot weather.

I wonder when it’s going to get cold again?

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