What’s Soaping Now?

Finally got my coconut oil in and did four soaps last night.  Three of them were small trial batches of new scents, with only 8 bars each.  The good news is that all of the scents behaved, and I got some color swirling done. They will be ready to cut this afternoon.

The new scents are:

Fruit Slices with a color swirl.  Smells GREAT!  Yum yum.  It took a long time to set up though.  I was so afraid it would thicken too fast while I was trying to get color in it to swirl that I probably didn’t blend it quite enough.  I ended up stirring it up some more in the mold, messing up my swirls, but it looks fine this morning.  Hopefully all the colors didn’t run together.

Frosty Pines:  This is #2 of the Christmas tree type scents I got and the first to get soaped.  It’s pine, but has a “frosty” note if you will.  It’s really nice and not too piney, but very Christmasey.  I added a green swirl to this one and it all behaved wonderfully.

Little Black Dress: Unless people really like this scent and buy it, I’ll never do it again!  Luckily I only got a sample bottle and it was free with some other stuff I ordered.  It is a very perfumey scent.  If you like all those perfume ads in those big glossy magazines, you’ll like this one.  This is a small batch, and I only used 1 oz of scent, which is less than I normally use, but was all I had, and the mold is buried under another mold and blankets for insulation….and I can still smell it.  It is STRONG! Poor me.

Apple Jack and Peel: This is a scent I usually only do at Christmas time.  I have lotions in it also.  It’s a true Claire Burke cinnamon and apples and ?  Wonderful. It’s a strong scent too and I did a full batch of it.  I colored it with just a little rust mica.  Great winter scent.

Still to soap are Lavender, Almond, Aloe Vera, and… oh, heck, I can’t remember just now.  Anyway, we’ll have lots of new stuff, and the online store will be opening back up as planned in mid Nov. Will be doing a new market too next week.  Details of that will be coming out on Monday eve.

Okay, time to get the day started!  CG is off today and we’re going to fix stuff.  Well, he is going to fix stuff, I just hand him tools and bring him stuff to drink.   I like to think I’m being helpful.  🙂

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