Mr. Frosty Has Been Visiting!

With all the sunshine and warm temperatures we’ve been having, I keep forgetting it’s actually fall….and already November!

The last few mornings it’s been hard to forget what time of year it is though as we’ve woken up to a world of white, with our cars covered, the grass covered and an ice layer on the water troughs.  Not to mention the cold morning temps. in the house!  Brrr!

We’ve figured out how to at least keep the coals alive all night so that in the morning, when we add wood, they light right back up.  But the air is still pretty cold in the back of the house all the time, even with ceiling fans and other fans pushing the hot air back.  I think it’s all just going around in circles in the living room.

The horses and goats are all puffy and fluffy with their warm winter coats in full bloom.  They really enjoy this colder weather with fewer flies and lower humidity.

Onyx got a new door on his house.  CG bought a piece of rubber matting to put up, just under the overhang, but he decided to start out with a terry cloth towel, just to make sure Onyx would go in and out.  Of course, he does.  He goes in, kicks out all of his hay, and then sleeps all day….right after he raids the neighbors yard for sardine cans, brains in a can, pickled beets, leg bones as big as he is, (he’s a labrador) jaw bones, grease-filled coffee cans, paper bags with leftover chicken bones and tobacco spittle…and the list goes on.

Onyx has always been a hit with the neighbors wherever we’ve lived.  They don’t have to wonder what to do with party leftovers, old refridgerator scraps, smelly garbage, etc.  They just set it outside and within minutes, their whole pile of trash will be safely in our yard!  And when he’s done eating it, he throws the whole mess back up.  I won’t tell you what he does after that.  But believe me, it’s gross.

Toodles for Monday!

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