Another Goat Escape! Plus, New Labels!

This morning CG awoke to the dogs barking, which is nothing new.  We didn’t really pay any attention to them.  However, when I looked out the front door, I noticed the buck pen seemed strangely empty.  Two bucks and a huge white dog in a small yard are hard to miss.

I looked a little closer and still didn’t see anything and then threw on my slippers and went outside.  Nobody home.

I did, however see Malachai lying in the yard chewing on a big furry deer leg.

We don’t hunt.

And he was IN the pen when we went to bed.

The boys were not hard to find.  They were right where I expected.  In the  doe pen.

Alicia, as normal, was in heat, and I watched Atticus do his duty at least one time.

Darn, I thought she got pregnant last week!

Well, maybe she’ll take this time.  I only had to worry about the young buck breeding her for about a second. Nope, she wasn’t going to let that little wipper-snapper anywhere near her, and neither was big daddy Atticus! Whewww!

So, we got everybody back where they belonged pretty uneventfully.  I didn’t even have to handle the bucks as about the time we saw where they were, the girl goats  saw us and ran to us through the knocked-down fence for protection from those big smelly bucks and everyone went into the buck pen when I opened the gate and then I just led the girls back out.  I shook some grain and they came running down to their shed.  CG fixed the fence back up and went off to work.

I got to stay home and work today, mostly doing labels for all these soaps I’ve made recently.  I got most of them done.  Tomorrow I’m taking all of them, plus all the curing soaps to the market.  I’ll label the ones that are done curing on Friday and start soaping again next week.

Here’s a picture of one of the dead sea salt labels.  These soaps are softer and more fragile than a regular soap and come with a little care label on the back, but they sure are nice to use.  They are very smooth too, unlike all the rest of the dead sea bars I make which are very hard and contain unmelted dead sea salts.  The harder bars last longer, so I chose that method of crafting them. "dead sea salt soaps""dead sea salt soap with goats milk"Oh, I think I forgot to mention that it was Malachai that let the bucks out!  He’s figured out how to jump on the gate just right and rattle the hook until it comes loose.  I normally let him out to be with us during the day…I guess he got impatient this morning.

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