Rain and More Rain

Well, it was bound to happen.

It’s raining.

I’m tired of it already.

We didn’t even have any grass seeds down.

The chickens insist on roosting where they always roost, even though they get rained on. Even though they have several small houses where they eat and sleep during the day.  They refuse to use them at night.

But at dawns first light the whole pack is standing on the front porch, preening their wet feathers and complaining about what a hard night they had.

A few weeks ago I put them all inside an electric mesh fence made especially for chickens. It had two sheds inside with plenty of stuff to roost on.

The next morning all the chickens were back on my front porch.

I’ve had “the talk” with them several times but they refused to listen.

You know “the talk”, the one where I threaten to put them in a stew pot if they don’t do such and such?

No effect at all.

But, here’s something cool.  My daughter Shannon has decided she’d like to join me in the soap making and marketing business! We’ll be able to double the effort and be in twice as many places with lots more soap and we’re working on several new projects.  She has a lot more ideas than I have and still has most of her brain cells in working order….lots of mine are all worn out, and missing important data.

We haven’t gotten very far with the new online ordering catolog yet, but the good news is that we have lots of soap!

Here’s a picture of the latest. Sandalwood/Patchouli"Patchouli and sandalwood goats milk soap"


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