Lisa In The Full Moonlight

Okay, so I couldn’t get a picture of the moon, but believe me, it was FULL!"Lisa in the moonlight"

Alicia, (aka My Lisa) is in the background, standing under the full moon.  She’s quite lovely, isn’t she?  Atticus is in the foreground, and has been doing his duty for Lisa, under the full moon, for 24 whole hours.  I had planned to leave her in with Atticus until she took, as they are quite fond of one another, but she’s our herd queen and she said she was ready to come out, and queens always get what they want.

Served on a silver platter.

Or in this case,  in a plastic feed tub.

We’re hoping that this time she’ll take.  It’s the 9th heat she’s had this season and the 6th time she’s been bred, never under a full moon until now….we’ll see  what effect a night sky and a beautiful full moon have on her fertility.  Of course, we want girls too….three of them please.

Jet Kat Jada, (aka Jada) also got bred today to a fancy buck down the road named Bold Type.  We hope to be swimming in does and milk this spring.

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