Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to wish all my faithful readers (all 4 of you LOL) a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!  While it’s often easier to focus on what we want, or even need, it’s important for our sanity to take moments here and there to be thankful for all we already have.  And most of us have A LOT!

Some things I’m thankful for:

God, for giving me this wonderful life and everything I have in it.

My family, my children and my parents for always being there for me and being a great family.

CG…the most wonderful man in the universe, well, besides my Dad of course.

Malachai,  our goat guardian dog whom is still alive this morning after I dreamed he got stabbed in the back by a man at a gas station last night.  CG was there but took off in a space ship and my Mom came and picked me up in a van with dually wheels and she hit a curb and flattened one of the tires, but we kept going, luckily because the traffic in Seattle was murderous!  I finally got a vet to come see Malachai and I put him in a purple plastic bowl and the vet x-rayed his spine and I think he was okay.  But he didn’t have any hair anymore.

Onyx, the labrador who has had  more lives than any cat I know.

All the wonderful horses and goats I’ve been blessed to share my life with.  I love them all and each one has brought something special to my life.

The cute little house we live in…a diamond in the rough to be sure, but it’s ours, and when we’re done polishing it, it will be sparkly and beautiful.  (Or at least liveable).  Nope, CG’s working on it, it will be sparkly and beautiful.

CG who has spent hours and hours cutting wood with a broken chainsaw so I would not have to be cold.

All my wonderful trimming clients who’ve given me enough business so that I did not have to go back to work in a factory after I was fired from my potato chip making job.  THANK YOU!

DGI (www.dairygoatinfo.com) for teaching me not only how to successfully raise goats but also how to make soap…I found a craft I love doing which puts all that great goats milk to good use,  makes the house smell good, and has made me hay money and new friends too!

And of course there is more, but farm duty calls.

ps.  CG texted me a picture of himself flying around town in that spaceship…it was one of those pictures like you get at an amusement park coming down the waterslide ramp….anyway, I was going to post it here but it’s disappeared from my phone! ……   Okay,  maybe I won’t eat  chocolate covered goat cheese before bed anymore….

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