Getting A Head Start On Kidding Preparations! Yippi!

Boy it’s COLD outside!

Is winter almost over yet?

Okay, time to stop complaining.

CG decided we should work outside today on one of the goat houses we’ve been refurbishing.  Some days I feel like we have so many things that need doing, it’s easier just to go shopping.  He doesn’t really share my sentiment on that….luckily.

This particular structure was originally made out of 100% recycled items such as rotted railroad ties, scraps of tin,crumbling 2×4’s, dirt, two feet of cow poop, cedar limbs, and chicken feathers.

We left certain things in place, such as the cedar limbs, the scraps of tin on the roof, and the chicken feathers.  Oh, and two 4×4 corner posts that were miraculously only slightly rotted.

We spent the majority of the day today working on it, but I’m thinking it might have went just a wee bit quicker if CG hadn’t cut the cord to the power saw in half while cutting a board,  but then again, that’s only speculation on my part.

The good news is, that after a brief stay in the “Power Tools Hospital” here in front of the living room sofa, it’s nearly as good as new and works just like it should.

It’ll be nice having this new shed for kidding does in. We’re trying a new kid rearing method combining bottle feeding with dam raising…I’ll be doing the feeding, moma goat will be doing the initial kid rearing.  We’ve actually done this twice before and it worked really well, but it happened by accident, through mishap, but this time it will be planned.

I’m so excited that we are almost done with this shed.  It’s completely usable and cozy as it is, it just needs a door and a little roof work.

Preparation….they say it saves a person from insanity.



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