Mistletoe Market At The Community Market in Downtown Lynchburg Virginia

Despite the snow that started mid-day, shoppers, looking for fresh greenery for decorating, organic and sustainably produced farm products, handcrafted arts, crafts, soaps and pet products were not dissapointed with the wonderful variety of items available at the first Mistletoe Market of the season at the Comunity Market  on Main Street in Lynchburg, Va.

Couldn’t make it this Saturday?  That’s okay because there will be two more Mistletoe Markets before Christmas so you can still get those unique gifts that simply are not available mass produced in commercial stores.

In addition to the regular sundry of goods available, there are also seasonal vendors that are only here for Christmas.

You can buy wearables and holistic dog treats for your pup.  The treats are made fresh with the best natural ingredients and can be frozen for longer use.

The Lavender Lady is here and for you Lavender lovers and holistic types, you can get just about everything in Lavender you can think of.  She’s got sleep pillows, lavender laundry booster, lavender wreaths, nutrition tips using lavender, and much, much more.  I’m a Lavender lover so I REALLY like her booth.  Plus, they sell online too at http://www.sunshinelavenderfarm.com

If you are into exotic meats and bio dynamic farming there are farmers with buffalo meat, ostrich meat, hormone-free beef, chicken, pork, and more.

In addition to all the unique gifts you can buy for yourself and others, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause are also available, and you can even get your childs picture done.  There are free carriage rides, all sorts of baked goods, a specialty coffee shop, and much, much more.

Of course, our soaps and lotions are available, and our booth is getting full!  We’ve got some new gift bags with a soap and matching lotion and 100% cotton crocheted washcloth for $15.00.  We’ve now got 4oz bottles of lotion in Bay Rum, Lavender, Honey Bee, Love Spell, Black Raspberry Vanilla and Apple Jack and Peel.  Of course, each lotion we create has a matching soap to go with it. We also have an online shop at http://www.shantaracres.com or you can email me at Ladyrings@aol.com for special requests or questions about anything soap or goat related!  YES we SHIP!


Next week there will also be bath salts, and don’t miss our tiny Christmas tree loaded down with pink organza bags each containing paper-wrapped soaps that can go in your car or drawers.

Hope to see you there on Saturday!

"horses pulling carriages" "halfinger ponies" "carriage rides at the community market in Lynchburg va.""soap, lotion, and hand crocheted cotton washcloth gift sets"

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