Bathing With Royals

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra VII 2
Image by mharrsch via Flickr

I was researching Cleopatra and her bathing habits recently when I came across information about royal bathing…or not, I should say.

I was quite amused to see that historically, bathing has not always been in vogue.

What?  I thought all kings and queens and princes and princesses took bathing very seriously!

Well, they did, kind of…..they took NOT bathing very seriously!

Bathing was considered harmful and a “cause of nakedness”.

Well, where have I been?

Cleopatra, however, remains untainted as far as I can see concerning her famous bathing habits, except for the fact that her milk baths were taken with asses milk, not goats milk.

I would think that even in Cleopatra’s time, goats milk would have been more readily available.

Asses milk contain oligosaccharides, which increase the number of good bacteria and have anti-aging properties.

I plan to check my goat girls oligosaccharide count tonight.  Sure would hate to have to switch to asses milk to make our soap.

I’m not sure if recycling was in fashion in Cleopatra’s time, and I’ve often wondered what she did with all that milk left over from bathing.

Countess Platen Hanover was also a milk bather, as well as a recyler.  While suffering from a distressing malady she took frequent milk baths and generously donated the diseased milk to the poor.

Well, perhaps that’s where philanthropy got it’s start?

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