Dorothy’s Red Shoes

"dorothys red shoes"

The little girl wearing these shoes really didn’t want to part with them.  And I can’t blame her.  They had the pretty heels, the glitter, the shine, everything.  I’m sure if she had clicked her heels together, she would have been transported back to Kansas.

She probably wanted to stay where she was though…in line to see Santa and Mrs. Clause at the Community Market in Lynchburg, Va.

The line was long, and Santa had to break for lunch…lest his belly start to shrink."Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause at the market in Lynchburg Va."

Christmas brings crowds of people everywhere Santa and shopping are to be found, and the crowd at the market was not unlike crowds elsewhere in town, only smaller, and people didn’t get stuck in traffic for three hours like at the mall this time of year.  There was beautiful  Christmas music, hot chocolate and coffee, tons of crafts, uniquely designed wreaths, ornaments and more."Christmas lines in Lynchburg, Va.""handmade Christmas gifts"

Of course, we had soap for the shoppers and it was flying off the shelves fairly fast.  We are out of pure Patchouli and won’t have any ready until after the first of the year, unless you’d like to buy it in a soap log.  Patchouli will be one of the soap log flavors for the last Sat. Market before Christmas.  These logs are uncut, unwrapped, and uncured.  You get the fun of all that, plus adding personal touches to your soap gifts.  If you’d like to special order a log, let me know before Wed.  I will be making the logs on Thursday to be ready for Sat.  "soap logs for sale"

Lotions: We sold out of Apple Jack lotion on Saturday, but we will be making more this week.  If there is a lotion scent you’d like to special order, let me know as soon as possible.  We are low on lotion, but still have an unscented batch of about 5 pounds left for special orders.  The oils in these lotions are coconut, shea and walnut.  It is extremely thick and rich.  The 8oz bottle comes with a pump, the 4 0z bottle has a flip-disc top and is perfect for purse use.

Hope to see you this Saturday at the VERY LAST Mistletoe Market at the Community Market in historic Lynchburg, Va.

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