We’re Back To Winter Weather Again!

The weather report last night said a dusting of snow…but all the schools would be starting late.  We wondered why.

This morning I figured out why…it’s 15 degrees out there, and SLICK!

This is our driveway that leads down to the road…I tried walking out there for a moment.  YIKES!"snow falls in central virginia"

Luckily, we got another load of wood that burns nice and HOT!  It’s white oak and it keeps the fire going all night long.  In this picture we’ve been limbing some cedar trees that are a little too close to our chimney.  The goats get all of these boughs and strip every needle and every piece of bark off of them.  They also do that to live trees standing in their pasture…not so good for tree health. "limbing a cedar tree and stacked firewood"

Hope that wherever you are you are staying warm and dry!

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One thought on “We’re Back To Winter Weather Again!

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  1. I had NO idea we were supposed to get any snow. HB woke up around 2am and told me it was snowing. Luckily I had today off but HB took my Subaru to work and just called to say our road is a skating rink. Yesterday’s rain turned the roads to ice. I’m just glad I got my thread yesterday so I can settle in for a day of sweatshop labor making some Christmas gifts!


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