4 Feet High and Rising!

Well, it’s not actually 4 feet high…yet, but who knows how long this is going to go on?  We could be buried 10 feet under when it’s done!

It’s still early, and these were the only two pictures I could get from the front porch in my robe and slippers.  Brrr..

At least my unthawing attempts yesterday worked on both the outside water hose and the kitchen hot water pipe, which were frozen  solid for nearly two days.

We had to haul hot water out of the bathtub to the animals….quite a chore for us, but they loved it!  They didn’t even complain that it didn’t have cream and sugar in it…let alone coffee or hot chocolate.

I draw the line at giving them coffee or chocolate.


"Horses in the snow in central Virginia"
Caritas, waiting for breakfast.

Caritas is wearing Epic hoof boots with thick pads because he has such a hard time getting around when the ground is frozen.  The pretty green leg wraps and Rhino horse blanket help him stay warm.  He moves less than the other horses so we keep him wrapped up in really cold weather.


"Horses in the snow in centrl virginia"
Caritas on the right, Lyrik and Tara on the Left.

They all got extra hay last night, but now they are out moving around so I guess they are ready for more.  I hate the thought of going out.  At least it’s warmer out there today.  28 degrees instead of 7.

Are we having a happy holiday yet?

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