Cold Enough To Bring The Chickens In To Sleep Beside The Fire!

Well, not all of them, just one little hen whose mother roosts in a tree and leaves baby on the ground to fend for herself.

What’s wrong with mothers in America anymore!

Well, Pricilla, as I’ve named her got to sleep in a box  beside the fire last night and we never heard a peep out of her.

"chicken gets to sleep in a box beside the wood stove on cold nights"
Pricilla in a box, with her head tucked under her wing...sleeping beside the fire.

Until this morning.

At the crack of a very cold dawn.

She started squawking like crazy, apparently just realizing she was in a box beside the fire and not outside with mummy dearest.

Good news is, the snow and sleet stopped earlier than expected last night.  Both the vehicles started up without problem, and the pipes didn’t freeze.  The roads are still a mess but we’re expecting sunshine in a little while and hopefully that will melt everything away.

If you’re living somewhere sunny and warm right now…don’t even talk to me. 😦

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