More Snow Today

I’ve been outside and it sure is pretty! This is our firewood pile.  To the right of the picture you can see part of a tarp which covers a tree cut up into lengths, but not yet split. Our front porch is also covered with firewood.   Our firewood pile grew by leaps and bounds Christmas Eve morning, right after Santa gave CG his Christmas present early…a new Husqvarna Chainsaw!  No more cutting wood with a broken chainsaw, or our other “new” chainsaw that was 30 years old!"snow in va, wood pile, oak firewood"

This next tarp is covering a months worth of hay that was delivered on Friday.  We go through 800 pounds of hay every week for our 5 horses and 9 goats.  Luckily, we found a really great hay farmer that sells these to us for a great price and delivers too!  And, it’s really nice, really clean, barn-kept  hay.  This is one of those things that has really made my life a lot easier….not having to scourge the country side every week or two for hay.  Now THAT was stressful!

"storing hay outdoors in winter"

This next picture was taken from the front porch. (actually they all were, I was still in my pj’s)  The first big tree is a Chestnut tree which drops thousands of sharp spiked chestnuts in the fall, and smells like a dead animal in the spring!  The tree behind it is a big cedar tree that we love, but that we will have to take down or top out because it’s growing right in front of our yard light.  The baby goats were fenced under these trees during the summer and ate the bark off the lower half of the cedar tree, but it’s still green.  Must be a pretty hardy tree.   Plus it’s grown around an old dog chain that is still attached to the trunk.  Most  of the trees here on the property are growing around either old dog chains or collapsing fences, making them worthless as lumber.  Behind the trees is our fall-rut buck pen.  Atticus and Finland have been out with the horses until the snow.  We moved them back up to the pen for the snowstorm.

"snow, goats, winter in Virginia"Hope your day after Christmas is warm and cozy!

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