Back Home Again…to regular old wordpress!

Good morning!  As many of you know, I recently moved my blog over to a private hosting company so that I could do more cool and fancy things with it.  It’s been about 2 months now, and even though I transferred my entire blog, it never would work exactly  right.  I found out that when people tried to go to the new blog, another blog, that wasn’t mine came up.

Having a wordpress blog hosted with a private hosting company has a lot of benefits, but they are negated if you are not pretty darn computer savvy.  I lack computer savvy big time.  There is very little help available either from wordpress or from my private host when issues come up.   Neither wants to get involved with the problems that arise and so that leaves a person pretty much on their own.

So….long story short, I’m reviving the old blog.  I was still getting lots of visitors every day….the new blog got very, very few.  I’m glad you all stuck around!

My next post will be all about what’s been going on around this place!

See you then!

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