New Babies and More!

Spring is finally arriving and not a moment too soon!  So far Mikey and Jetaime have kidded and Miley is due today.

Mikey kidded on day 151 with twin bucks on Feb. 11th.  (goats normal/average gestation is 150 days).

Jetaime kidded March 11th (day 152)  with two handsome bucks and a beautiful doe kid.  Jetaime’s kids are out of one of Alicia’s young bucks from last year, named Aristotle.  The two boys look exactly like their daddy, but CG says the little girl looks like a quilt with all her mixed up white, black and brown patches.

Miley is due today and is doing some pawing and making noise, but with absolutely zero udder I’m doubting she’ll kid today.

All kids and mama’s are doing great.  This is Jetaime’s third kidding and first set of triplets.  I cannot believe how much she is milking already.  That first day she gave a gallon of colostrum!  Day two she gave over 9 pounds of second day colostrum!  (A gallon of milk weighs approx. 8 pounds).  This mornings milking she gave over 5 pounds!  This is not normal for our goats…who are all great milkers.  It normally takes them a couple of weeks to get up to this amount of milk.  We’re doing milk testing this year and I can’t wait to see how Jetaime comes out.

Anyway, other than my excitement about Jetaime’s  beautiful  kids and how much she’s milking, we’ve also been doing a lot of work around here.

We’ve purchased the boards we are going to use for the siding on the front of the house.  (Right now it’s sided with OSB painted white!).  They are currently stacked to dry a little before we nail them up.  We got a small can of stain to try but it’s not quite the shade we were looking for, so I guess we’ll have to go back to Lowes to try something else.

We’ve got ALL the chickens and the two guineas in a pen.  Their house is an old, old corn crib/hog barn and we put a covered run around it.  We made it 8 feet tall and found that they could fly over that, even with their wings clipped, so we had to cover it.  But now we are getting fresh eggs everyday and no more chicken poop on the front porch!  But the best thing about it is that we can now plant grass without them eating every single seed.

Well, that’s about it for this post.  Here are a couple of pictures of our kids.  The First two bucks are now wethers and will be going to their home on a horse farm in just a few days.  Jetaime’s two bucks are for sale, and being out of both Jetaime, and Alicia’s son they should be fantastic herd sires, putting excellent udders and milking ability on their doe kids.

"Alpine dairy goat kid"
This is "Thing 1", (Mikey's kid) flying through the air. (needs a name badly)
"Alpine dairy goat buck kid"
"Thing 2". (Mikey's kid)
"Alpine dairy goat buck kids"
Jetaime's bucks...just a couple of hours old.
"Alpine Dairy Doe"
Jetaime's doe kid, Jilli-Anne, just a couple hours old.
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