This Fickle Thing We Call Spring

Yesterday, wow, what a warm, bright and beautiful day!

Today, we’re back to winter temps…I realized that when I stepped outside in my bathrobe, thinking I’d hurry and put the horses blankets away for a while.  The temperature was so cold I had to don real clothes, coat, hat and even some gloves.

I’m waiting on babies.  My daughter was due yesterday, and so was our Miley.  Miley doesn’t even have any sort of udder yet, although she’s loose and goosey in all the right places.

I’ve got enough milk now to make cream, but I sheared the moisture guard off the separator and had to order a new one.  They promised it would be here early this week.  Had planned to make ice cream to celebrate all this warm weather!

At least we’ve got eggs, but I doubt that egg cream would be very tasty.  So, I won’t try it.

I planted some grass in the yard yesterday and need to get the rest of the rye grass over-seeded on the pasture.  I got a little bag of crimson clover too I’m hoping will come up and make good goat grazing.  I didn’t buy a lot of it.  I hate planting clover in horse pastures because it makes them slobber so much.

I also have strawberries waiting to go in the ground, jewel weed seeds, marion berries and about 1000 more seeds and plants that would just love to get their roots in some warm ground.  Luckily, we’ve got all the manure any garden could handle, and lately we’ve had enough rain to float an Ark.

Now, if the ground would just dry up a little and the rain would stop for about a week, we’d be all set!

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