Japan’s Crisis

It could be our crisis at any moment.

Instead of sitting here by the fire watching baby goats sleep, and knowing that everyone I love is safe and fed and warm, I could be homeless, living under a box in freezing weather.  Hungry, despondant, mangled, alone, and breathing air heavy with radiation.

With one disaster heaping on top of another, an advanced country, much like our own, is facing horrors that our developed nations have not seen in years.  And this one could be worse.  There are more nuclear plants involved this time.  It’s not just one.

I wonder now what happened to all the nuclear protesters?  I remember them from years ago, concerned about disasters that authorities scoffed at.

No one is scoffing now.

Did we forget we even generate electricity with nuclear power?

I forgot.

It’s not something I ever think about.

I benefit from it.  We all do.  It’s hard to complain about something that makes our lives better.

But better at what cost?

How many people would gladly do with less electric convenience if it meant that their children would not be born with defects?  If it meant the food they ate would not be contaminated?  If it meant their LIFE!?

I have no answers or solutions, but knowing that our country could be thrown into the same peril as Japan is in right now is sobering.  And I don’t drink.

My heart goes out to all the people in Japan whose lives have been devestated by this disaster. Anyone of them could be me, or people I know.  They are somebody’s children.  We are all somebody’s children and are all able to hurt.

I would ask that everyone who is able to pray, to pray for the families, the children, the parents and grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends that live in Japan and are going through the worst hardships that any of them have ever known.

Pray for the survivors still not found, trapped in rubble, the sick, the hurt, the dying.  The dead.  Pray for nuclear reactors to cool, for waters to recede, for disease not to begin, for food deliveries, for medical supplies, clean water, blankets and warm places to stay.   Pray for babies in wombs, whose mothers may be exposed to radiation.  Pray for elderly, the infirm.  Pray for peace for their country, and generosity from ours.

And pray for the animals too.  We often forget about them in the wake of such disaster, but they are suffering too.

And then go out and enjoy your day.  Marvel at the clean sky, the neat yard, the house you live in, however meager it is.  At as least it’s still standing.  And as of right now, we are not breathing nuclear radiation.

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  1. You’re probably getting sick of my comments by now (tee hee) but I am LOVING your blog.. Thank you for being who and what you are–I get excited each time I meet someone like you!! THEY DO EXIST!!


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