Textbook Goat Kidding With Pictures

"alpine dairy goat kidding"
Miley going into later stage of labor. She kidded about 45 minutes after this first photo. She is at day 153. Normal goat gestation is 150 days.
"goat kidding"
Resting between contractions.
"goat kidding"
Sometimes it helps to sit like a dog!
"goat kidding"
The goo that comes before the bubble.
"goat kidding"
Here it is! The bubble! Kidding won't be long now! If you look close you can see a little foot inside the bubble.
"goat kidding"
Here you can see two little feet and a nose. This is exactly the presentation we all hope for.
"goat having a kid"
Here he comes! Usually I break the sack and wipe his nose before they get to this stage...but in this case, trying to take pictures, I didn't have time.
"Goat having kids"
Here is the first kid. They are born onto clean feedsacks as it helps greatly with clean up and they stay cleaner that way.
"baby goats"
Here they are! The brown and white is the first kid born. He's a buck. The black and white is a girl.

It’s so wonderful when births go so well.  So far this year all the kids were perfectly presented and did not require any assistance at all.

It is a great day for having babies too.  It’s warm, sunny and nice outside.

I guess now I have to get back to work laying down old hay over the grass seed I planted in the pasture.  Surprisingly CG is still letting me use his truck after I got it stuck on a pile of wet hay and broke the plastic guard off the bumper.  I tied it back on with a ziptie but he still says we got to pull it the rest of the way off.

Good thing was that I managed to get the truck unstuck all by myself.  Now if I could just learn how to chop off a rooster head, I’d be all set.

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