The Front Of Our House Is Getting A Facelift!

"old house gets new face"
Right before we started working on the house. Of course, this time of year we have baby goats helping us do everything!
"front of old farmhouse gets new board and batten siding"
We're putting up 8 inch pine boards that will have batten strips too. You can see one of them painted dark. The stain we bought is darker than we wanted, but since we can't return it, we'll just have to see if it fades!

We’ve been waiting a long time to start our remodel.  So many other things took precedence.  We were hoping to be able to get them all up yesterday, but there is a lot of cutting to do for around the windows and doorway, so that slowed things down a lot.  It’s going to be such a huge improvement over the painted OSB that we had.  The roof and the shingles on the rest of the house will have to be painted too, but that’s will be somewhere off down the road.

And the cement porch has to be re-cemented.  We did patch some holes which is an improvement. Little by little it’s coming around.

We’re looking for ideas for the columns.  The brick seems out of place with the board siding and we’d like to cover them with something.  Any ideas are welcomed.  The rest of the house will have asbestos shingles, which we’ve decided to paint and replace the lost and broken ones, so the columns need to match those too.

On the goat front, here’s a picture of our keeper doeling out of Jetaime.  I think her facial features look like Uma Thurman. What do you think?  (Maybe you need to see her up close to appreciate the likeness!)

"little doe looks like Uma Thurman"

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2 thoughts on “The Front Of Our House Is Getting A Facelift!

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  1. Cut more of the pine boards to fit around each pillar, and stain them to match the rest. It shouldn’t be too difficult to do.


  2. You could also do a plaster–If you have a mostly clay-like soil there, you can do it purely out of that, and it’s got a really lovely color to it:) OR you can add different pigments to change the color.. That’d look good, depending on how you do it.
    And YES, Uma Thurman all the way!!!


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