Tornado Watch

For now it seems it’s finally over.  The weather has been really scary this spring with tornado watches and warnings every week.  So far none have hit close to us, but I passed through two areas near South Boston, close to the NC border that had been hit.  Trailer houses had been torn to shreds and trees up-ended everywhere.  I’m curious what this weather will do for our growing season.  I’ve heard that the  magnetic field caused by strong storms and tornadoes can effect changes, although I can’t remember what those changes might be.

I do know that our grass has gone wild.  Cutting every day would not be too often.  The field I fertilized with raw milk is doing excellent, but still needs lime and more nitrogen in the form of manure.  I didn’t have a way of spreading it that was feasible, but I finally remembered to order my garden cart tires and the shop called to tell me they are in, so hopefully having a cart  that can be pulled behind the lawn mower will help out with those heavy loads.

We’re tractor-poor around here, as other things have had to come first.  Next will be fencing in our wildly growing acres so the goats can try to tame it.  The horses will only be allowed on the new growth when the ground is dry as they are so heavy that they quickly tear up unstable areas. They will be allowed in the woods, but it’s touch and go on that because of all the wire from old fencing and pens out there.  We come up on new stuff every day.  That’s going to be a big challenge and is why I want a pig…to root out old fenceposts and wire…..

I haven’t looked at the stuff I planted in the garden a few days ago so I can’t give a report on that, but it got about 10 inches of rain…hopefully everything is still out there and not laying in a heap at the bottom of the hill. 🙂

Okay, on to morning feeding and milking and thanking the sun for shining.

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Our Newest Addition to the Goat Herd

"Alpine dairy goat getting ready to kid"
Jada about an hour befoe kidding.

You can see my sweatshirt behind Jada.  I was worn out so laid the shirt on the hay so I would have some place to rest.  Jada came over and laid right next to me.  She didn’t get up and paw and do a million circles or anything, just laid down calmly beside me and breathed heavily.

"Pregnant goat"
Jada just before kidding.

When this goat stands up, she barely looks pregnant at all, but laying down positioned the kid so you could clearly tell she either had a couple of kids in there or one really big one.

"baby goat"
Cherry Blossom

It ended up being one 9 pound doe kid!  Seven pound kids are average for us, so this doe was quite a bit bigger than average.  Her mom needed a little help birthing the head, but the kid was positioned correctly and that certainly made things easier.  This is our first kid out of Bold Type, which is a nice buck owned by my friend at Nightskyfarm.  I named her Cherry Blossom.

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It’s Time To Garden

Well, for lots of people, gardening started much earlier, but for me, I’ve been busy working on the pasture grass and hadn’t done much work in the garden.

Hadn’t done much work on the blog either.  And the grass is four feet high.


But, as for the garden.  I have been spreading paper feed bags and thick layers of hay and mulch over my garden spot.  Today was the day to move back some of that wet hay and put some plants in.

I planted jewel weed, milkweed, strawberries, onions, and some berry bushes.  I had bought some potted lavender, but forgot to water it and it looks pretty dead so probably won’t plant it.  Well, I guess if I buried it, that would be appropriate.  I’ll just call it burying the dead, instead of planting.

Anyway, I didn’t till anything, and have some space left over, plus endless piles of old hay and manure.

I made a bucket of manure tea too.  I made it with fresh manure because I couldn’t remember if I should use fresh or old and fresh sounded better.  Then I read online that I should have used old manure or compost.  So now I have a bucket of yuk sitting in the back yard waiting for me to do something with it.  I don’t think I have the stomach for it right now.

I also bought a new sprayer.  I decided I wanted to try using raw milk for fertilizer.  I sprayed one whole pasture with it about 5 days ago.  It hasn’t stopped growing yet, but I don’t know if it has increased it’s rate of growth.

Again, I didn’t look up the instructions before doing it.  Just remembered reading about it and wanting to try it last season.

We had a new little baby goat girl born the day before Easter.  She’s just a doll.  I named her Cherry Blossom.

Aside from growing things and trying to stop things from growing, (the yard grass), summer is sneaking up and attacking very quickly.  It’s been in the 80’s and very warm at night.  I love it, love it, even the humidity.  The only thing I don’t like about summer are the bugs.  And we have a lot of them.  I set off 5 foggers in the house the other day to get rid of the stink bugs that had overwintered in the wall cracks and had started coming out by the dozens.  Don’t know if I killed them all, but I haven’t seen a live once since.  Except for two of them.  Hopefully, we’ll see no more.

Okay, the grass is screaming at me to come and cut it, so I guess I must.  One less thing to have to do tomorrow.


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BioTracking LLC
1150 Alturas Dr
Suite 105
Moscow, ID 83843
Phone: 208.882.9736
BioPRYN CAE Report
Date Received Log In #
4/7/2011 45200 CAE

Submitted By Report To
Shantara Acres

Brookneal, VA 24528
Mail Report
Anita Martin

Report Date Assay/Animal Number of Samples Processed
04/08/2011 Goat CAE – 8 sample(s) 8

Cutoff Positive Marginal Negative
% Inhibition = 35 % Inhibition > 40 % Inhibition = 30 to 40 % Inhibition < 30
Tube Number Animal ID % Inhibition in Test Status
1 Atticus 0.0 Negative
2 Ciara 7.0 Negative
3 Jada 11.0 Negative
4 Holly 9.0 Negative
5 Miley 4.0 Negative
6 Alicia 6.0 Negative
7 Mikey 5.0 Negative
8 Jetaime 2.0 Negative

© Biotracking LLC 2004-2009 All rights reserved.
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Time For A New Post!

Nope, I have NOT stopped blogging…with all this nice sunshine outside, I’ve just been really motivated to do stuff.  Lots of stuff.  Blogging has been on the bottom of my stuff to do list.  After all, if I don’t do stuff, I won’t have any stuff to blog about!

I have a NEW grandbaby.  Born March 24th, weighing 9lbs 7oz.    His name is Ryland O’Neal Johnson, and he’s just TOO CUTE!  (Yes, he’s my very first!)

"first grandbaby"
Ryland O'Neal Johnson

We’re got the board and batten siding up all across the front of the house.  Actually, we just have the boards up, the battens are still waiting for the slice of a table saw.  We’ll get to that this weekend.

The past 4 days have seen me in the kitchen painting.  Nope, I am NOT posting a before picture.  I thought I would, and then decided it just looked too horrible to post.  We had planned on ripping out the bead-board walls, so had not done anything to them.  Well, we haven’t gotten that far yet, and decided to work on other things, so I decided to go ahead and paint and cover those dastardly walls that were stained and disgusting.  They had years worth of grease and grime and took forever to get clean enough to paint, but oh my goodness, what a difference a coat of paint looks!

I’ve also been working on our no-dig garden, and trimming lots of horses.  I’ve made feta, mozzerela and chevre cheeses.  The mozzerela, as usual, did not turn out as I would have liked it to but I WILL keep trying.  I ate all the chevre and feta and will make more soon.

We have two very nice buck kids for sale out Jetaime.  $150 each.   They come from a CAE tested negative doe.  They’ve been disbudded, and wormed with Valbazen and are currently on day 2 of their first round of cocci prevention.  They are big and healthy and eating like weeds!  They are bottlefed of course, and ready to go anytime.

"alpine dairy goat bucks"
Jetaimes two buck kids.

We also have a nice little guy out of Miley that will go as a wethered pet or pack goat companion.  He’s very friendly and sociable.  He’s brown with a white face and pink nose.  Too cute!

"alpine diary goats"
Miley's little buck and doe kids.

And today?  More rain.  I’m trying to load up the truck with stuff that needs to go to GoodWill.  I was hoping to keep the TV and table dry.  Darn.  They say we are in a drought but it’s hard for me to believe it.   We still have mud 6 inches deep in places. 😦

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