Our Newest Addition to the Goat Herd

"Alpine dairy goat getting ready to kid"
Jada about an hour befoe kidding.

You can see my sweatshirt behind Jada.  I was worn out so laid the shirt on the hay so I would have some place to rest.  Jada came over and laid right next to me.  She didn’t get up and paw and do a million circles or anything, just laid down calmly beside me and breathed heavily.

"Pregnant goat"
Jada just before kidding.

When this goat stands up, she barely looks pregnant at all, but laying down positioned the kid so you could clearly tell she either had a couple of kids in there or one really big one.

"baby goat"
Cherry Blossom

It ended up being one 9 pound doe kid!  Seven pound kids are average for us, so this doe was quite a bit bigger than average.  Her mom needed a little help birthing the head, but the kid was positioned correctly and that certainly made things easier.  This is our first kid out of Bold Type, which is a nice buck owned by my friend at Nightskyfarm.  I named her Cherry Blossom.

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