Tornado Watch

For now it seems it’s finally over.  The weather has been really scary this spring with tornado watches and warnings every week.  So far none have hit close to us, but I passed through two areas near South Boston, close to the NC border that had been hit.  Trailer houses had been torn to shreds and trees up-ended everywhere.  I’m curious what this weather will do for our growing season.  I’ve heard that the  magnetic field caused by strong storms and tornadoes can effect changes, although I can’t remember what those changes might be.

I do know that our grass has gone wild.  Cutting every day would not be too often.  The field I fertilized with raw milk is doing excellent, but still needs lime and more nitrogen in the form of manure.  I didn’t have a way of spreading it that was feasible, but I finally remembered to order my garden cart tires and the shop called to tell me they are in, so hopefully having a cart  that can be pulled behind the lawn mower will help out with those heavy loads.

We’re tractor-poor around here, as other things have had to come first.  Next will be fencing in our wildly growing acres so the goats can try to tame it.  The horses will only be allowed on the new growth when the ground is dry as they are so heavy that they quickly tear up unstable areas. They will be allowed in the woods, but it’s touch and go on that because of all the wire from old fencing and pens out there.  We come up on new stuff every day.  That’s going to be a big challenge and is why I want a pig…to root out old fenceposts and wire…..

I haven’t looked at the stuff I planted in the garden a few days ago so I can’t give a report on that, but it got about 10 inches of rain…hopefully everything is still out there and not laying in a heap at the bottom of the hill. 🙂

Okay, on to morning feeding and milking and thanking the sun for shining.

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