Spring Showers Bring….Mud

I get all happy when we go a few days without rain and the horse paddocks start drying up, but then we have thunderstorms, 1000 inches of rain and a dozen or so tornadoes, and then the mud problem  starts all over again.

We  graveled  in a new driveway that goes about 50 feet closer to the goat shed, but having a horse in the wooded lot between the goat shed and the driveway means a lot of mud and I still can’t get the truck down there to unload feed.  Yukko.

Since fencing is a priority right now, the footing will have to wait, but once the fencing goes up the horse will be out on the new pasture so hopefully putting up fencing will solve our mud problem.

I’ve noticed that some farms in some areas have sand as their basic dirt, rather than the red clay/mud soil we have here.  It’s interesting how the topography changes in just a few miles of travel.  I’m thinking I would rather have the sandier soil.  At least it dries out faster.

The good news about the mud is that if we ever need to build a mud hut, we’ll have plenty on hand, and plenty of 1000 pound mud-makers too.  The goats aren’t very good at making mud.  They are better at making milk, which tastes better than mud any day.

Dream news: I will admit to being attacked by my dreams early this morning.  I dreamt of watching twisted tornadoes coming straight out of the mountains and running up and down the road tearing up stuff.  I’ve always heard tornadoes don’t get going good in the mountains, but according to my dream, they actually originate there!

Who knew?

Oh, and did ever I mention that I finally bought a new coffee pot a couple weeks ago?  Since we no longer have the wood fire going, which is where I fixed my coffee in one of those old tin pots, and we have not yet replaced the kitchen stove…I’ve had to fix my coffee in the microwave.  That has been a mess to say the least.  I use regular coffee, not instant.  The microwave just was not designed for that.  But, my milk filters work great for getting coffee grounds out of my cup.

Stove news: We’ve been looking.  We found a $900 dollar stove at Lowes marked down to $600 because it had been taken out of the box, and almost bought it, but CG wanted to wait and see if we could get a better deal.  We had not planned to spend that much, so it was still a little over budget, but they will mark it down every week until sold.

We’ve tentatively decided on a gas stove.  I like the fact that the burners are infinitely adjustable with gas and that I can still cook and pasteurize milk, make soap, etc. if the power  goes off.  Yes, the wood stove also works for those things, but is much less predictable as far as the heat goes.

We’ll have to see.  On top of the stove being more expensive, we also have to pay to have it hooked up and then buy propane for it.  We’ve planned to put a propane heater back in that area anyway because the heat from the wood stove just doesn’t get back that far, so we need the hookup anyway.

And right now the goats need milking.

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