Toilet Tinkering

What can I say?  This is what’s made me happy today!

We had one of those silly toilets that didn’t really like to flush, but would just half-heartedly make the attempt and then say”oh, that’s good enough, I’m tired now.”

Well, if it don’t flush everything,  it’s most certainly NOT good enough!

I thought we needed to throw the old thing away and get a new one.  Well, CG decided maybe it just needed new guts, and we could hopefully avoid adding yet another porcelain fixture to the over-loaded landfill by fixing it instead of ditching it.

I must say that he was right.  After installing all new parts inside, the thing now works great!  Flushing the toilet now creates a strong downward flow that empties out the whole bowl and makes me very happy:)

Another thing that’s made us very happy is FIREWOOD!  We got it for free and it was already cut in lengths, CG just had to split some of it.  It is dry too which was good because we had to build a fire last night.  Burning oak is just the most wonderful wood to burn.  Especially dry oak.  What could be better on an unusually cold spring night?

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