New Quarters For Kids

CG took the day off yesterday to help  build/remodel a “new” kid pen.   (We’re talking about goat kids here. 🙂 )

He said it was time to get them out of the driveway and I agreed.

The temporary pen was in the driveway because that’s where the big dog house was that was too heavy to move…we just put cattle panels around it and it worked great for kids.  It was close to the house, etc.  But, it wasn’t very big and didn’t contain any goat stuff like brush, weeds, climbing toys, etc.

The new pen doesn’t have a fancy, unmovable dog house, but it does have an old pig-sty turned chicken house for shelter, plus several hundred more feet of brush, undergrowth, small trees, poison ivy, etc.  Goat heaven.

We had to chop trails through underbrush so dense we could not see through it.  We put up cattle panels and tied them to trees and t-posts.  We met our friend the black snake as he crossed one of our newly made trails.  I hadn’t seem him stretched out before and didn’t realize he was at least 4 feet long, maybe longer!  I thought about tossing him of couple eggs, but I figured that wasn’t necessary since he already knows where the egg cupboard is and in fact it looked as if he was headed for it.  Next week we’ll have chicks hatching out so hopefully he fills up on eggs before he sees them under their mama’s.

For our labors I got a sore shoulder, a stiff neck, hands and back, plus a number of ticks, one of which I just pulled out of my scalp, and it was dead!  I’m wondering why it died?  Was it the Freedom 45 spot-on I put on the horses the other day?  If so, I guess I’ll have to apply some more to myself when I re-do the horses.  Anything to keep ticks off me!

Today I have a few more tomatoes to plant, plus a huge bag of iris’s a clients neighbor gave me.  They are purple and just beautiful and are sitting in a bag on the front porch.  Mikey only ate half of them…

I also bought a clematis at the garden center the other day and it gets to be planted under the mailbox.  I’ve always wanted one of those, but they are expensive and I have a tendency to kill things…plants anyway, I’m much better with animals.

We spent the later part of the day mowing.  CG does the riding on the hilly spots and I hand mow under the fenceline, around the trees, etc.  I was doing pretty good and thinking how nice the fencline was going to look when I hit something and it killed my mower.  I pulled the grass back and realized I’d hit a big heavy piece of metal and chipped a piece off.  Of course, the mower said “forget it” and refused to start again.  CG said the shaft must be bent.  The pull-cord won’t even pull.  Darn.  I really hate using the weedeater and I’d just vowed to NOT use the horses as weedeaters for awhile so we can get our lawn looking nice without hoofprints and horsey piles.

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