Still Fighting Stink Bugs

Last summer it was wasps.  So far this season I’ve not seen any wasps inside at all, but we’re still being bombarded by stink bugs!

From what I understand from talking to various people, clients, friends, etc. stink bugs were especially bad last fall.  They crept into the tightest of homes and businesses and made people miserable by emitting their gadiforous odor when swatted, stepped on, vacuumed, etc.

They overwintered behind pictures on the wall, in linens, behind curtains, in wall cracks and book cases.  They sort of hibernated during the coldest winter months, although indoor heating meant that many were still active.  Now that spring is officially here, they have woken up with a vengence.

We’ve bombed our house, sprayed upstairs and downstairs, swatted, captured, flushed, burned, etc. about a million stink bugs so far.  Every night when we go to bed, we’ll just be drifting off to sleep and hear that big bumbly buzz and we have to turn the lights back on and get a stink bug.  Often they sit under my beside lamp on a book and stare at me.

Granted, with all the spraying and killing going on, there are fewer of them, but we’re ready for them to be gone away forever and ever.  Doing searches online has only led me to the obvious.  “Seal around cracks, window openings, etc. ”  This does little to get rid of the bugs already inside the house!

So many people I talk to, with much newer homes and businesses than I have, are still having problems with these loathsome creatures.  I’m wondering if anyone is developing a trap for them, or know of a home remedy trap that will lure them to their deaths?

I’m so done with spraying.  We want to live as organically as possible, but living with stink bugs is not an option.  Does anyone know if a Japanese Beetle Trap would work for stink bugs?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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