Southern Gardens

Since moving into a home we actually own and don’t plan to move away from any time soon, I’ve got the gardening bug a little more earnestly than in previous years….well, except the year before last when I actually had a neighbor with a tractor plow my garden, but unfortunately, it was taken over by bugs…and then last year CG spent an afternoon with a shovel, only to have a few turnips to show for it.

And they were for the goats!

We’ve got tomatoes this year.  Quite a few of them.  In red, yellow, plum, etc.  Not quiet the wide variety I’d envisioned, but the plants I planted are growing and actually thriving and DO have tomatoes on them!

We’ve also got some basil, thyme, pennyroyal and oregano, plus a really nice stand of highly fragranced lemon balm, which we accidentally rolled one of the water barrels over.  We were moving the water barrels from in front of the garage, to the garden area and decided we’d keep as much water in them as possible since they had filled up before we even put them in place.

A 50 gallon drum of water isn’t too easy to control, and we watched helplessly as our jumped off the dolly and smashed the loveliest patch of herb in the garden!

The whole garden smelled like lemon balm for quite a while, and even though it was crushed, it seems to have mended itself back together and is smiling in the sunshine just like before.

The thing I like about gardening in the south is that we have such a long season.  We’ve yet to plan our corn or cucumbers.  That was error on my part….not layering enough garden early enough to make suitable beds for either….there is ground ready now and we are about to plant it.

We’ve done the whole thing without tilling.  We’ve used tons of mulch and composted manure and rarely does it need water, except for the herbs and onions which were planted in hay on top of the ground. They get a little limpy now and then.

I was also hoping to avoid certain pests by making some planting later in the season.  Well, I didn’t initially plan it that way, but we’ll see if it works 🙂

Another thing about Southern Gardens is that you really do need to get in them either early in the morning or late in the evening unless you can stand sweating non-stop.  With little mid-day breeze and very high humidity, if you can survive your garden mid-day, you’re a whole lot tougher than me!

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