Guinea Hen Switcheroo Update

It is now day EIGHT and Pearl, the Guinea, is still sitting on her new nest of chicken eggs!

Chicken eggs hatch after they’ve been incubated for 21 days, so hopefully in about 14 more days, Pearl will have her own set of chicks to tend too.

I hope she doesn’t consider them “ugly ducklings”.  Guinea keets and baby chicks look very similar and make similar little peeping noises, so I’m hoping she accepts them as her own.

She deserves them.  She’s tended that nest longer than any bird I’ve ever seen.  When the chicks hatch, it will be approx. 90 day that she’s sat on that nest.

Everyday when I look in under the canopy where she setting, I see her tucking in loose feathers and otherwise neatening her space.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chicken do that.

My one hope is that those chicks don’t grow up squawking like a flock of guineas!

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