Casey Anthony Is Out Of Jail!

After watching much of the trial, especially the closing statements of the lawyers, I was shocked at the verdict of “not guilty”, as were most Americans, so when CG woke me up at midnight last night to watch Casey Anthony sashay out of the jail where she belongs, I really didn’t feel anything at all.  Except maybe surprise that she actually made it to the waiting car without someone in the crowd trying to make good on their death threat.

There really isn’t much to comment on because none of us have any control over what went on.  Casey Anthony, while acquitted by a jury of her peers, will NOT be acquitted in the universal flow of things.  She will get just what she deserves, although, like with OJ Simpson, it may take awhile and not be nearly as satisfying to us, the public.

I know most people are outraged by this case, and rightly so, especially when we keep hearing how much money she could possibly make by telling her story, selling pictures, etc.  It’s amazing.  I only hope and pray that some good will come out of all of this, maybe new laws will be made that can help protect more children.

In the meantime, we can hug our children and our grandchildren and our neighbors kids too and keep them close and safe with a watchful eye on them.

Our children are our future.

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