Organizing a Farm House

Have you ever decided to do a small, very simple project, like painting a living room, only to be paralyzed by the realization that BEFORE you can do something simple, like paint a wall, there are 4000 OTHER things that must be done first if the project is going to be done properly?

Getting the first wall painted in the living room was pretty easy and only required moving a stack of soap trays full of curing soap.

The next wall  though, is where all the problems start.  The computer must be moved.  We have a new desk set up in another room all ready to go so we can get the computer and my office, out of the living room…but first we needed to buy a long cord for the internet from lowes, which I did.  But, I actually needed two cords, and lowes is 40 miles away.

So, we could move on to the next wall, which looks easy to paint, except that it has a recliner chair up against it, wedged in between the wall and the sofa.  It’s new home will be where the computer now resides..but since the computer is not yet moved, we cannot move the chair for lack of space and it would be a real pain to move it.

The chair could go in the next room temporarily until the wall dries, but the next room is filled with a huge computer desk, plus about a million tools we need to work on all the stuff we are working on around here.

We could move the tools into the garage, but if anyone has ever seen how packed up and crowded our garage is…well, lets just say whatever goes in the garage is never found again.

And it could be found if there were lights in the garage….but before we light up the garage we have to rewire the house so we can tie it all in together with new wire….and we can’t rewire the house because we have too much stuff in here that either belongs in the garage or in the barn which has not yet been built….because we need new fences before we build a barn……

We did actually get a new front put on the house which looks really nice, only thing is we haven’t been able to finish it because we need to put up the batton strips, but can’t do that until we put up the pieces that run along the top and bottom, and we can’t put those up until we get the new cement laid over the old porch so we know where the top and bottom strips need to go.

We haven’t been able to do the porch for lack of time and too many feet wandering over it , plus the front door was the only way into the house!  We did finally get some steps moved up to the back porch so now we can use the back door and porch….which is falling down and needs work……………..

I’m tired just thinking about it all!

But, yesterday we think we did what we really needed to do all along to get a better start and be able to move things out of here so we’re not so crowded up and stressed.

We cleaned out the garage.

We have both pickups filled with stuff that goes to the dump or to goodwill or will be recycled.  And we can actually walk into our garage and not trip over stacks of stuff we need to go through someday.  Whewwwww!

I’m feeling better already!

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