Meet Pearl, The Chicken Egg Setting Guinea Hen

I just got a new charger for my camera, so now I can take pictures again and the first thing I thought I’d do is introduce you to Pearl, our guinea hen that had been sitting on her clutch of unfertilized eggs for over 2 months, until one day she got off her nest and I decided to replace her dud eggs with a dozen fresh chicken eggs that had not yet found their way into refridgeration.

So far it’s been 11 days, and although she moved the nest about 10 inches from it’s original spot, she’s continued to set on the new eggs as if they were her own.  She’s got them in an old pickup canopy completely protected from the weather.  It’s under a stand of cedar trees so it’s nice and cool too.

"Guinea Hen, Homesteading"
This is Pearl. She was being visited by a couple of chickens, but stepped forward to say hi when I stuck my head in with the camera.
Pearl sitting on her chicken eggs. She's looking back to say "hi"!
"Homesteading, guinea fowl"
This is Pearl under her canopy. She's got a good view with windows all around. She can see right out over the horse pasture. Course, the windows are little dirty...

Only 10 more days and we’ll know if the new clutch of eggs was a success or bust.  She really deserves these chicks, no matter that they’re chickens, I think she’ll love them just the same!

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