A Bee in a Tree

Have you ever wanted to get into bee keeping?
Have you ever dreamed of having your own hives, combs, and honey?
Have you ever called up your neighbor and requested that he let you know the very minute his bees swarmed so you could come and get your new hive, complete with queen and all her workers?
Me either, but I’ve been thinking about it. 
I was pretty ecstatic one day to see what I thought were honey bees floating in one of the water troughs.  I thought, “wow, I’ve got to find this hive.” 
I didn’t have much luck that day, but later that night I got out the spot light and was looking for bats and cicadas when I happened to shine the light up into a cedar tree right over the horses main path to their hay, water and shade spot.  This is what I saw.  And even a dummy knows this aint no “honey hive!”
"wasp nest in dead cedar tree in va."
Our wasp nest

I guess those weren’t honey bees floating in the water trough?

Killing them as quickly as  possible seemed like the next logical thing to do.  So I got out a couple of cans of wasp killer and sprayed the nest till it was soaking wet and sprayed inside the hole too, confident that by morning, they’d all be dead and I could knock the thing out of the tree and examine its insides.
The next morning wasps were still buzzing around the nest, and now, a month later, they have recolonized and the nest has grown even bigger than before.
At least one person recommended taking a shot gun to it.  I’m on the fence about that one.  I’d like to torch it, but that cedar tree it’s hanging from is sooo dry….and only about 20 feet from the house so that’s probably not the best idea either.
So for right now, we’re walking lightly around our “bee in a tree,” until we come upon a better method of eradication.
Meanwhile, if you’d like to throw a party for an enemy, I’ll be happy to supply the pinnata and sticks to hit it with….only thing is, I aint moving that nest so you gotta come here!

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