The Horse | Palmar Angles’ Effect on Laminitic Horse Hooves

I apologize to those of you who are not horse owners, but I received this article this morning and just had to share it.  The traditional laminitis treatment of raising heels with shoes and pads simply defies logic and it’s so frustrating to see it prescribed over and over and over…often ending in the death of a horse after he never recovers.  Finally, it took a team of scientists and a whole lot of computer animation and application to prove something that should be common sense to anyone!

The Horse | Palmar Angles’ Effect on Laminitic Horse Hooves.


Lets Build an Ark!

It’s really unfair.  We are getting sooooo much rain that we really don’t need.  At least not all at once.  And my friends in Texas are parched and dry and catching on fire.

The fires have consumed homes, barns, animals, vehicles, farm equipment, and more.

The earth is so dry in Texas that the heat from cars is starting fires.  Everything is starting fires.  And here in Virginia we are trying not to drown.

Alignment, it seems, is hard to find.  Hard to orchestrate.  Hard to get right.  Love is abundant in some, while not wanted in others.  Grass is so plentiful in some places that horses founder on it, where in others, the livestock is starving.

I have a knife, but it’s too small….a gun, but I don’t know how to use it.  I’m thin, but not in shape, I’ve an expensive haircut, but no time to make it right.

What I’m getting at…is nothing….it’s been this way forever.  Just now, people have the luxury of time to think about it.

My dream last night put me in a city with big apartments on a curved street, but I did not know where I was nor who I was going to visit.  Beauty, yes, what to do with it?  I had no idea.

Every where you turn, somebody has the answer for us…thing is…we really don’t know the question.

If this life were so easy, I’d already have an ark ready-made in my backyard, just beckoning me to board and wait out the storm.

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