Fall Has Come to Virginia!

Yesterday as I was driving down highway 501, near Gladys, in a particularly densly wooded area, I suddenly noticed that the leaves on the trees had turned vivid orange, yellow, russet and red.

I think I possibly noticed them because of a car accident and several grown men suddenly darting out in front of my car that was speeding down the road.

I was forced to wake up!

Overnight it seems, the trees took on their colorful cloaks and somehow I managed to miss the gradualness of it all.

Or maybe with all this rain we got it was not gradual at all, but really did happen overnight?

I don’t know, but it sure is beautiful out there now.  And wet today as well as yesterday.  Reminds me now of Oregon, where I grew up.  Lots of fog drifting around.

Most of the goats have come into heat and several are bred already.  We still have a few more to go though before everyone has settled and starts getting rounder and rounder.

The chestnut and walnut trees are prolific this year and their nuts now cover the yard despite attempts to keep them picked up.

Neither one seem to be good for eating.  The chestnuts are usually full of worms and the walnuts must have got some kind of blight or fungus because all of the nuts I’ve opened so far have been rotted or non-existant.

Well, the grandbaby is telling me to put this keyboard away and pay some attention to him…so I must.  He got up with the chickens this morning and looks ready for a nap and I think I am too!

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