Fall Farm Happenings

It’s been a very, very busy fall, and in lieu of blogging on a regular basis, I’ve taken the Facebook shortcut route for updates, and although I really do love facebook,  it does have it limits, for one, being, it is not as personal as a blog, and not as long-standing as the pages update constantly.

So, I made myself trot on over here and post a little bit about some of the things going on here at this time of the year.

Of course, like everyone else, we are seeing fall colors that are absolutely beautiful!  Fall would be my favorite season if it weren’t for the fact that grasping at fall’s crisp red slippers are the icy fingers of old man winter.

Old man winter and I are not very fond of each other.  Not at all.  But, he comes every year whether we like him or not so I try not to be too miserable.

The goats have mostly all been bred…and are settled now.  We do have 2 young summer-born does that will be bred late this season, so they are still coming into heat every 21 days.  All the for-sale animals have been sold, and we’re getting ready to batten down the hatches.

The one sad spot for us right now is that our beloved Onyx, that crazy labrador affectionately known as “Monster” has not only developed lymes disease, but it also looks like he’s got bone cancer in his left rear leg at the hock joint, as well as in the elbow joint in the front right leg.

They’ve done a jumble of tests that proved inconclusive so did a bone biopsy last week.  We do not have the official result back for that yet, but the vets are not too optimistic.  We compared the x-rays from Sept. to the latest set and the bone degeneration is significant, which I’ve learned is usually the case with fast-growing, aggressively spreading bone cancers.

Onyx has been put on a homemade diet, which is, at best, too little, too late, and he’s also on pain meds and antibiotics.

He’ll be 11 years old on feb. 22.  I bought him as a five week old puppy for CG, and so he’s been a very special dog, always my best friend and confidant even when CG and I were apart for 8 years.

We’ve got the fire going all the time now, and I bought an egg-crate type mattress pad and folded it over to make it three layers thick.  We put some fuzzy blankets over the top of this and it makes a very comfortable dog bed.  All the commercial beds I could find were high loft and fluffy, but add a little weight to them, and the dog sinks right through to the floor.  No support at all.

Well, with the sun high in the sky, I’ve decided that I need to get all the horses feet done today before it turns colder again.  The goats are already done for the month, so at least I don’t have to do quite so many feet in one day!

Would love to hear your comments and happenings at your place this fall.


"black labrador has bone biopsy"
This is Onyx right after his bone biopsy.

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