Blessed With Sunshine!

"truck stuck on a hill, out of gas"
Truck on hill, out of gas. Notice I did chock all the wheels, though....just in case.

It’s hard to believe that after all that rain, cold wind and freezing nights, the next few days we’re going to see nothing but sunshine and mild temperatures.

Yesterday was gorgeous and we got lots of leaves raked, chestnuts piled up and yard work done.  I also finally got my garlic planted, which should have been planted a month ago.  But at least it’s in the ground now.

We also got some wood cut.  Or rather I should say, CG got some wood cut.  My contribution was to pick up the wood and put it in the truck, which I had forgotten to put gas in when we got it out of the shop…thereby running it out of gas in the middle of the pasture on a really steep and muddy hill.  Dang.

Well, it’s hard to find gas on Thanksgiving day so it got to spend the night out there.

After I ran the truck out of gas,  since I’m not too fond of chainsaws in my hands, I decided to do my gardening and CG stayed put cutting more wood, er, trees.  TIMBER!  Two more very tall trees are now laid to rest, waiting to be cut, split, and to fill up our wood stove.

We only have about 300 left to go before we uncover the pasture underneath.

Good thing is we can cut firewood off our property for quite a long time.  Years, I’d say.

Bad thing is, all those trees mean we have very little grass for our horse herd.  And hay is expensive, especially buying it for six horses all year round.

During all the busy days we’ve been having around here, Onyx has managed to adopt a mini-me…the neighbors little dog has decided he likes being here more than at his home and he absolutely adores Onyx and plays with him and kisses him constantly.  They look just alike.  One big black dog.  One little black dog.  Both are invisible here in the dark and feel like tree stumps when you’re tripping over them carrying buckets of milk and grain.  🙂

Well, off to do more yard work while the sun still shines.  Good Black Friday to you all and don’t forget about Small-Buisiness Saturday tomorrow!  Shop small!

"cutting firewood"
Firewood tree
"two black dogs"
Onyx and his Mini-Me. Onyx does not put weight on that left hind and keeps it up in the air almost all of the time.
"little black dog"
Little black dog that comes to visit every day.
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