Onyx Had His Leg Removed

labrador retriever has leg amputated due to cancer
This is Onyx this morning. He's had his pain meds and antibiotics already.


Onyx made it through his surgery with flying colors, no complications so far at all.  When I got to the vet’s office last night to get him they had already had him outside to use the bathroom and were feeding him.  He wagged his tail when he saw me and was excited to go get in the car.

I thought I was going to have a hard time getting him in and out of the car, but the technician helped get him in and I used a towel as a sling to help him out when we got home.  His little buddy (the neighbors dog) was so happy to see him and checked out his stitches for him and made sure he was still basically in one piece. 🙂

He had a hard time getting comfortable last night because it was so hot in here.  We’ve been keeping a low fire, even though the temps have been in the sixties during the day because it does get cold at night.

It had gotten up to 100 degrees in the living room, which is normally where he sleeps, so I had to make him another bed in the computer room with a low fan set up.  It started raining really hard last night and the temperature dropped so I’m grateful for that fire this morning.

He got me up about 4 times during the night to go outside and get water and pee.  But he does that every night so that’s not unusual.  It gives me a chance to check on the fire but I’ve never needed to add wood 4 times overnight!  Maybe that will stop now that the painful leg is off and it’s not keeping him awake.

Thank goodness, the rain has stopped.  It watered my newly planted rye grass and garlic so I’m grateful for that, but we’ve had enough now.

The picture below is of the amputation site and the stitches.  It had to be taken off a little higher than normal because of a swollen lymph node in that area and they could not leave as much muscle as they should have because of it so we have to be careful he doesn’t fall on it.

His balance is a lot better than I thought it would be.

"labrador gets leg amputated due to cancer"
This is the amputation site.
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