Planning A Winter Garden

Not to be easily derailed by hungry deer and garden-destroying chickens, I came across some seeds, and then some information on 4 season gardening, and figured that if anyone could do it, I probably can’t, but why not give it a try anyway?

So, pulling my trusty seed packet off the laundry room shelf, and blowing 2 years worth of dust off of it, I opened it up to a variety of things I’d love to have growing in my garden about now.  "Back to Eden Survival Seed Kit #3"I’m thinking I could maybe do the radishes, the spinach and the winter squash.  Not sure about the onions.  I know some are winter-hardy.  Some are not.

I’m thinking of putting a thick layer of composting manure over my beds, and then some dirt, the seeds, and then plastic over that.

I was working on tucking the garden in for the winter….getting it ready for early spring planting.  But, this sounds like so much more fun!

Anyone have any winter gardening experiences they’d like to share?  Especially about getting the seeds to germinate.  I’m thinking of doing that in the house, but worry about shocking them when I put them outside.

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