Where Has 2012 Gone?

For some reason I decided to look at WordPress today after recieving an email about some new themes.  I haven’t even figured out any of the old themes yet so maybe I’ll hold off on that just now.

I haven’t posted since Jan. of this year, but, amazingly, people are still reading my blog….to the tune of some 16,000 plus people.  What a disappointment it must be to visit a blog that hasn’t been updated in 10 months!

I’ve had to kind of take a different direction with my life, and mentality.  Oh, I’ve been forced into it, don’t get me wrong, these things don’t just come upon a person unbidden.  I’ve kicked and screamed and scratched and fought the whole process the entire way.

Fate just won’t leave me alone though.

I’ve learned that good enough is never good enough when there is more that a person should be doing.  Living like a mole in a hole doesn’t really do anything to help humanity….and most of us were born to help humanity….and animalanity….and earthanity, etc.  Simply by being present on the earth we are foreordained to live to our highest potential.

Our highest potential can never be about “owning the market” or the world.  It can never be about one person making millions while all others in a company make pennies on his dollar.  It’s not about wiping out forests, fields, streams and ponds to build a better business….our business model is flawed in a huge way and it’s time to change all that.

See what I mean?  And that’s not even what I was referring to in my earlier paragraphs.  😦  I’m not a business expert and don’t want to be.  For me, it’s much smaller, but more global.  I’ll give you a hint.  I’ve been reading lots of books by Neale Donald Walsh and Ekhart Tolle.  Ekarts books are much easier to read through large sections at a time.  Neale’s are the kinds of books where you have to read a few pages, take a break, and then get back to it later.  I’ve read them out of order, and I’m now reading Walsh’s “Conversations With God, Book One” and Tolle’s “The Power of Now”, which was his first book.  Kind of hard to see things the same way after reading those books.

Especially with Tolle’s books, they need to sit in a prominent place by the bedside or computer, ready to access at any moment.  Unfortunately I got mine from the library, but luckily Amazon has them used, so I can take the library back their long overdue books…or maybe I’ve bought them by now with the overdue fees?

The farm is doing fine.  We had lots of baby goats, as usual.  I dam-raised 3 of them and still have them, but they are ready to go anytime.  Two girls out of Cherry Blossom are for sale.  We’ve also got one young buck out of Ciara.  We just tested Ciara for CAE and CL and she was negative on both tests.  This is her second time testing negative for CAE with the Elissa test.  This was a different lab too so that’s even better.

The garden was a bust.  It started out great but ended up getting scrunched by the horses three different times, the squash bugs devoured my grandson’s entire pumpkin patch and the ants destroyed every stalk of corn that managed to grow….mostly they ate the seed I planted before it could ever sprout.  The deer finally learned to jump the fence and ate the tops off of all my sweet potatoes and then ate every single beautiful red and green tomato I had on the vine.

The soap business is going great though.  We did the Autumn Potpourri Festival in Callands, Va. this past Sat. and did pretty well.  There was a very large turnout of both craft vendors and festival-goers.  It slowed way down around 2pm though, probably because of the storm clouds gathering directly behind us.  The wind really picked up just as we were starting to put everything away and caught a few canopies.  Luckily ours stayed tied to the ground and we didn’t lose anything.  This coming weekend we will be at Smith Mountain Lake at the new festival there which will include a car show as well as activities for the family and lots of craft and food vendors.  Hope to see you there!


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