Meet Matilda and Pork Chop

Just wanted to introduce the newest members of the farm family, Matilda (pink with some black spots) and Pork Chop, (just plain pink).

Matilda has been employed to til the up the garden and dig up roots and junk in the woods so I can make a horse pasture out there.  Pork Chop has been employed to help Matilda out until it’s time for freezer camp.

These are my first pigs since the pig-scramble pig I caught when I was a kid named Penny.  So far they have been friendly and allow me to pet them, but I don’t go in the pen with food…I go in after they’ve been fed and still have plenty left over.  This morning though, I went in to fix the gate to their hog house and they had full bellies but still insisted on following me around and “helping” me fix the gate.  I didn’t have my rubber boots on so that made me just a wee bit nervous thinking they might like a side of leg or foot for desert.

But they didn’t.  They just wanted to make sure I wasn’t hiding a bucket of milk somewhere.



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