May Showers Bring….HAY!

I’ve heard that April showers bring May flowers, but since it’s may now and central Virginia is getting hammered with “showers” aka…torrential rain, I’m sure that can only mean one thing…that the hay season will be GREAT this year…if the hay farmers can ever find a dry window of time to cut it, that is. 

Driving country roads I see beautiful hay field after beautiful hay field.  Miles of thick green grass of uniform height and not a weed in sight…wish my pastures look like that.  I have to settle for green and clovery in the goat pasture, and just a smidge of green over rich, dark brown, horse-manure enriched dirt in the horse pasture.  Even with piles of hay they still scarf every blade of grass they can find, and the rye grass I planted for winter cover is all gone now.  But with all this rain I’ll bet we’ll get a bumper crop of…mushrooms…haven’t put anymore seed out this spring for summer grass.  Darn it. 

Happy Spring!


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