Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve and it has turned cold again.  I was sort of hoping for a 70 degree Christmas day but it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen.  I haven’t wrapped any presents yet, in fact, I only started shopping yesterday.  I know, bad me.  I get so caught up in helping other people with their Christmas gifts that I forget that its even Christmas! 

We are up to our eyeballs in mud here from all the rain we got over about a 48 hour period.  It stopped raining sometime during the day yesterday, but oh my goodness, the mud!  I hope that the horses still have feet when I go to trim them this week…for all I know, they might not have feet anymore.  😦  (Don’t worry, no one is limping except the TB who always limps a little)…still, I’d like a mud-free pasture for everyone for Christmas…or at least new year…that is my Christmas wish for the animals…a mud-free pasture…except the pig…she would not be happy without mud. 


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