I Missed The Snow!

It came in sneakily last night while we were sleeping.  The fire was burning warmly, I had visited the loo before climbing under 4 big quilts and all the critters were quiet so I really didn’t feel a need to get up out of my bed and look for it. I thought it might announce itself somehow.  But it didn’t.  And I missed it.  There wasn’t a lot to see, apparently.  This morning there are a few sprinkles stubbornly glued to the windshield of my car, and from what I hear, the road is slick in spots.  But sadly, the snow cloud zoomed silently over my farmhouse and went on its merry way, dropping bits of crystallized water on other folks in other places….maybe it they got to see it?

In any case, I am not HOPING for snow.  Makes life much harder around here.  But if it comes my way, dang it, I’d at least like to see it.


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