Spammers Got The Boot! I Hope :)

I think I may have finally got rid of my spammers! I’ll see if anything shows up in the next couple of days. If it doesn’t, then I can quit holding my breath before I pass out. I was going to delete the whole blog, but then I realized it’s a nice way to hang onto lots of pictures and articles I’ve written so I really didn’t want to do that. Hopefully, they will be unable to access the blog again in the same way. But then again, there are people sitting around in dark basement offices right now, trying to figure out ways to hack into peoples accounts and steal their info and post sexual-dysfunction medication info to anyone’s blog that they can get into. Sheesh, what fun is that? Why don’t they grow a garden or something?


I learned not long ago that one of the major obstacles to men, young and old, doing anything valuable with their lives, is their addiction to filmed prostitution. Also known as “porn”, but hey, I say call it like it is. In my dictionary, the definition of a prostitute is: Person who engages in sexual activity for payment. It may be the oldest profession in existence, but people no longer need to leave their homes to engage in it, or pay enormous sums of money for it. It’s free, right at anyone’s fingertips. And like any other addiction, it clouds good judgement and important decision-making abilities. College-aged men are becoming impotent in record numbers because they have been engaging in filmed prostitution for so many years that they can’t get erections with a real woman due to their habit of “self medicating” with filmed prostitution many times a day. That’s why this country relies so heavily on viagra. Bet all you women out there didn’t know that did you? And that is why hoodlum spammers sit around all day in their parents dark and dreary basements and hack into people’s computers and attempt to sell the only thing they can think about; prostitution, and anything that will help them and their limp ding a lings engage in more and more of it.

Okay, my rant is over.


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