What In The Tarnation?


19749335_10213460159880119_4196846_oIt’s summer now, and I just had my Pomeranian, Skippy, shaved down so he could enjoy going on hikes with us without succumbing to heat exhaustion…and it’s turned cold. Actually, it’s perfect weather for doing just about anything outside…but little ole Skippy is spending these cool mornings curled up in a fuzzy blanket on my bed. Soon enough, I’m sure, we’ll be back to humid, 90 degree southern comfort days and nights.

Until then, Skippy has taken to chasing the new kitten to warm himself up…and get himself in trouble. He has also taken a keep delight in pilfering the litter box contents and scattering them all over the living room floor. Mind you, this is not my kitten. It is my daughters kitten. Who does not yet have a name that I am aware of…and stalks me day and night with her pitiful mews and sad, tortoiseshell little face and eyes. When I finally sit down and allow her on my lap, she claws my legs from hip to toenail through my pajama pants and gets a couple good scratches on my shoulders too when she claims that spot as her final resting place…well away from the mischievous, nearly hairless Pomeranian. Our pit bull, Tonya, who considers herself a brave warrior most of the time, is embarrassingly afraid of the tiny monstrous kitten and her relentless hissing noises. I figure Tonya thinks she might actually be a poisonous snake and is taking no chances on getting anywhere close to striking distance.


It’s all pretty funny, and a bit messy too, as well as painful, so deciding to fix at least one problem, I took out the toenail clippers and nipped those tiny kitten death-claws back just as far as I could without drawing blood or causing pain. AHA! No more scratching me! Ahhh, now I can enjoy a cup of coffee without risking puncture holes all over my lower body…but the kitten has decided my lap is no longer a good place to hang out, probably since she can no longer thoroughly engage her claws in me. Good riddance I say. Oh but now she’s learned to sit on my computer…while I’m typing on it. Hmmm, got a water bottle handy for that…but now my computer screen and keyboard are wet…not sure if that’s a good thing or not…..Shoot.

Well, on a brighter note, I’m almost finished with the yard work. It’s only taken me a week or two…after carelessly filling my push mower with weedeater gas that somehow a had gotten water in it…probably because it didn’t have a proper lid and sat in a leaky shed all winter long. My lawn mower didn’t like that stuff at all and promptly stopped working. Luckily I have a really smart friend who took pity on me and took the whole thing apart and drained all the water out of the carburetor and hoses for me and the mower works beautifully now. He even sharpened the blade and so now instead of just knocking the grass over and kinda beating it up, it actually cuts it down. I even found my hand trimmers and can now trim grass around sheds, trees, fencelines, etc. I still have a few places left to clean up, and then a downed tree in my front yard to take care of, but first things first is what I always say. Trouble is it’s sometimes hard to figure out what things should be first. But, I digress.

I even dug out my garden. Actually, I was just trying to clean all the sticks and rocks out of it so I could mow it back into the yard, when I found out, underneath of 3 foot tall weeds, I actually had garden stuff growing. I have a dozen or more tomato plants, some cleome, peppermint, lemon balm, thyme, and some strawberries. So I pulled up all the weeds, spread old moldy hay over the whole thing, even where nothing is growing, and turned the space back into a garden again…without having planted a single thing this year. Maybe I’ll go get some more tomatoes or squash or something and plant those in the empty spaces. We have a ridiculously long growing season here in the south and can grow something just about year round, even if it’s just greens and cabbage.


Well, I guess I better get to it today. Got an insulation cleanup project planned for this morning, and then some horse feet to trim this afternoon. Might even go machete shopping later on so once I’m done with the yard I can get started on that jungle out back threatening to creep up to the house and swallow it if I don’t get it under control



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