Hey Remember Me?

Good Morning! I realize it’s been nearly two years since I posted on this blog. I have started another blog called 5acresandshe , and planned to blog from that site only, but I have so many people still visiting this site that I decided to blog from both sites, since that’s what I do. I blog. Not full time. But enough that I can call myself a blogger. And I aint in it for the money folks, cause I’ve never seen a dime.

This blog was started when my former partner and I were together and just bought this old fixer-upper farmhouse on five acres and were going to work together to make it beautiful. Once we moved in together, however, things quickly fell apart and it became a divided island, and then he left altogether. My new blog reflects my expanded awareness of how our thoughts and emotions always lead to the manifestations and things in our lives.  I have been educating myself by studying such people as Ekhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsh, and lately, and most importantly, Esther Hicks. My writings on 5acresandshe reflect a higher sense of awareness of how what we think and feel manifests into what our outer lives look like. It’s not a guide or self-help blog, just simply one woman’s experience.

So, now that we’ve got that little bit of housekeeping out of the way, lets get down to what’s happening around here! For starters, we’ve got KIDS on the ground. Well, one kid anyway. So far. More are due this week and next. Just two more goats to kid. We’re down to just 4 milkers right now. We lost 3 milkers and one wether last winter. It was a rough time around here, but things are much better now.

I’m still in the soap business. Of course. It’s growing, even though I took some time away from it for awhile when my partner and I split up and my grandson was diagnosed with leukemia. It’s those dark times that really force us to grow. The partnership dissolving was a true blessing. Ryland’s leukemia was rough on the family for awhile, but he’s in the maintenance phase now and doing super-great, with just monthly visits to the doctor for treatments. He doesn’t focus on his illness, and we don’t either. We focus on how good he is feeling, and he has just blossomed! His imagination is amazing. He has taught us all so much.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my posts, I hope you will continue to follow me here, and possibly over at 5acresandshe too. I promise my posts will be uplifting and hopefully add a smile or a laugh to your day.

Until we meet on this page again, Namaste’







Lets Build an Ark!

It’s really unfair.  We are getting sooooo much rain that we really don’t need.  At least not all at once.  And my friends in Texas are parched and dry and catching on fire.

The fires have consumed homes, barns, animals, vehicles, farm equipment, and more.

The earth is so dry in Texas that the heat from cars is starting fires.  Everything is starting fires.  And here in Virginia we are trying not to drown.

Alignment, it seems, is hard to find.  Hard to orchestrate.  Hard to get right.  Love is abundant in some, while not wanted in others.  Grass is so plentiful in some places that horses founder on it, where in others, the livestock is starving.

I have a knife, but it’s too small….a gun, but I don’t know how to use it.  I’m thin, but not in shape, I’ve an expensive haircut, but no time to make it right.

What I’m getting at…is nothing….it’s been this way forever.  Just now, people have the luxury of time to think about it.

My dream last night put me in a city with big apartments on a curved street, but I did not know where I was nor who I was going to visit.  Beauty, yes, what to do with it?  I had no idea.

Every where you turn, somebody has the answer for us…thing is…we really don’t know the question.

If this life were so easy, I’d already have an ark ready-made in my backyard, just beckoning me to board and wait out the storm.

Mary Oliver, You Elude Me

Yesterday, after doing a few horse feet, I was hungry and tired and decided to eat a sandwich at The Drugstore Grill  in Brookneal. (Va.)

I’d had one of their rib-eye sandwiches on Saturday, at the wine festival, and it was so good I was eager for another.

Only, they were closed.

So I went to another restaurant in town, The Golden Skillet, to which I had never been.  I  wanted to sit inside and read the paper, but I was out of quarters for the paper machine, so I picked up an Ophra Magazine off the little table just inside the door to read instead.

It was the April edition and it was Ophra’s  poetry edition, and Mary Oliver, the very famous nature poet, had  granted Maria Shriver an interview.

Mary Oliver rarely does interviews.

I was so inspired by Mary and her words that I immediately came home and searched for the one book of her poetry that I own thanks to my days at Randolf Macon Women’s College.

We had studied Mary at length and she was my favorite poet by far that year.

But, like any other disorganized farm-business woman, I, of course, could not find that very thing that I was looking for.

I did, however, find my tax forms, receipts, etc . from 2010 that I had stashed and lost and actually had to file an extension because of it.

And I found some lost hoof boots, a box of soap, $20 in change, three pillows, a book on Reiki and another book by Ray Bradbury about writing, and even found some music CD’s I thought I accidentally given to  Good Will.

I did not, however, find Mary Olivers book of poetry.

So I had to look up her poetry on line, just to joggle my memory of some of the beautiful things she’s written.

In her interview she told Maria about the walks she takes and how she always carries a notebook with her because thoughts are so fleeting.

My problem is that I can’t even remember to take the notebook with me.

I’ve hen-scratched just about every blank spot on every piece of paper in this whole house, but finding the particular hen scratch I want, when I want it, is just about impossible.  Whoever invented notebooks was a genius.  Of course, I cannot figure out a way to permanently attach a pen with ink in it to the notebook and writing with mud or blood has never worked out well for me.

Anyway, I plan to keep looking for Mary Oliver’s book of poems, and if you get the chance you should definitely buy the April Poetry Edition of O Magazine.  The whole thing is quite an inspiration, and not just for writers, but for anyone who has ever held a dream close to their heart.

Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting–
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.

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Soap Donations…My Poor Man’s “Giving Pledge”

A few weeks ago I posted about “The Giving Pledge” where billionaire’s with more money than they know what to do with pledge to donate a large portion of that money to charities.  Well, I don’t have billions of dollars, but  what I do have though  is perhaps a  little more time on my hands than a lot of people.

I was so inspired by the whole idea of “The Giving Pledge” that I sat down and thought about some way I could use my excess time to benefit someone else in need.  My first idea was to donate soap to a women’s shelter.  I contacted my local shelter but didn’t  get a response.  (I haven’t completely given up on that idea just yet).

My second idea was to donate 10 percent of my soap sales to my favorite group “New Hope On 4 Hoofs”, which is an Equine Program that brings horses and agility-trained dogs together with children who have lost a parent.

This is a new program with GREAT potential and was started by a client of mine and I’ve seen it grow from an idea into a flourishing program…in need of funding.

Realizing that 10 percent of my soap sales was going to be a rather small donation, I thought and thought and thought some more, and finally, while sitting in the yard one day, a chestnut fell on my head and poked me rather severely, and suddenly I got the idea to donate SOAP to the program and THEY could sell it, keeping ALL the money for the program!

(Ever had a “chestnut” inspiration?  It’s rather painful, but enlightening at the same time)!

So, my philanthropic idea is well under way and I’m currently creating soaps for their first event which is in mid October.  I’m so excited to be contributing to something so worthwhile.

Anyway, if you’d like to donate time, money, tack, riding breeches, boots, saddles, blankets, etc. you can email me and I will forward the information on to the groups director.  You can also send the Founder, Melinda Martin an email at melinda@newhopeon4hoofs.org, or  get more information from their website at www.newhopeon4hoofs.org .  The website was still undergoing some construction last time I visited, but should be up and running any minute now.

Hope you visit!

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Happy Sunday

A few things that have made me smile lately.

1)The neighbors puppy…or someone’s puppy.  She’s been to visit twice now.  Is scratching like crazy and I can’t catch her to de-bug her..but she’s cute as a button and wags her tail and smiles at me.

2)Tara, waiting out by the fence this morning for me.  Just sure as she could be that I’m going to turn her back out into the yard today to eat this tall grass.

3) Ciara, running to me when I come outside…bucking and jumping all around.  Never jumps on me though.  Gives a cute little “maaa, maaa.”  Very soft.

4) CG coming home at night.  That always makes me smile.

5) Calling for a hay delivery tomorrow, and getting the hay BEFORE I run out.  Always good.

6) The goat girls waiting patiently in line to be milked.  No pulling on their collars, or having to coerce them into the milking shed.

7) Listening to the horses and goats munch hay contentedly in the dark after all the chores have been done.

8) The truck breaking down, but getting fixed the same day.  Whewww.

9) A clean kitchen! A clean bathroom! A clean livingroom! Bedroom slowly getting organized.

10) a pickup load of trash pulled out of the woods…just a dent in the trash piles we have around here, but a dent, nevertheless. Lots of board with nails…gone away!

11) FOUR chicks with their mama. That’s the number, four.  None have perished in the water buckets or anywhere else.   Keeping my fingers crossed.

12) Still have FIVE guineas.  Had six to begin with.  Lost one.  But the rest are still here and doing well. Nice little animals.  Intent bug hunters.

13) Chickens scratching horse piles into the ground so I don’t have to pick them up.

14) A dung beattle rolling around a horse biscuit in the dark.  First one I’ve ever seen.

15) Six nice, clean, round bales of hay delivered, and he even gave me one for free because it had some wild dandelions in it!  But, my goats LOVE those things!

16) Mama hen hatched out three new baby chicks.  She abandoned her nest after the three hatched, so I’ve got the rest of the eggs in the house.  And they are making little noises. So cute.

17) A successful market day Sat.  Sold lots of soap.  Got lots of requests.

18) Got my named changed officially to my birth name.  After my divorce, I had just assumed my maiden name, but it wasn’t really legal.  My petition surfed around in 3 different courts, all requiring documentation I didn’t have…the last court had some sense and signed the thing without requiring me to jump through hula hoops.  A true miracle.

19) Relief from the oppressive heat.  Cooler nights.  Fewer flies and creepy things.

20) Caught the puppy and gave her a bath. Got some medicine for her yesterday, now have to catch her again!

21) I’m alive, and so is everyone else that I love.